Indu S. Guzman offers makeup artist services for brides special events, photography/portraiture, editorial, and fashion. Her philosophy is that when someone looks at you, they first see beautiful skin and your features that are accented and accessorized by makeup. The first impression shouldn’t be “look at my makeup work.”

That does not mean boring or plain. Far from it. It’s using the right pop of colors, techniques, and shades. I’d describe my style as modern classic. That’s a style that’s sophisticated, contemporary, and bold with sense. A peacock in the wild symbolically represents my makeup style (and my favorite bird).


My interest in makeup and fashion started during my middle school days of reading Seventeen. I had several years experience in women’s fashion and cosmetic retail and sales. I pursued English Literature teaching career for sometime. Only later when transitioning from teaching, I discovered that I enjoy creative endeavors—and that applying makeup is a practical art. Having received training as a book designer and taken art classes as a hobby, the same principles of color theory and shape are applicable to makeup. So, I pursued makeup training through California-based Vizio Academy.

Makeup as an art and profession and helping you feel beautiful are the two things I enjoy.

I enjoy also writing, spending time with my family and socializing with friends, literature, baking.