What is your background and how did you learn to apply makeup? Indu has always been a creative person interested in art and design. Indu sees makeup as wearable art. Principles of color theory and shape can be used in makeup application. So, Indu pursued makeup artist training to pursue her passion for beauty and helping others feel beautiful.

Why should I hire a makeup artist? It’s an important decision for you. Here are a few details to consider when you are deciding to hire a professional makeup artist for a wedding.

  • On the wedding day, you’ll have so much on your plate to DIY
  • You can be pampered and relaxed before you make your grand entrance
  • You are unsure of what look or colors to use and how to apply it for photography
  • Like to address concerns like redness or shine, undereye circles, hyper pigmentation
  • You want the makeup to last all day through tears and dancing; and the colors and techniques will look great on photos till the end
  • I can travel to you, so you can save time
  • I’m self-employed and not employed by any cosmetics company, so my job is to help you look your best not sell makeup. No sales pressure.
  • You will be saving money because in some cases hiring a makeup artist is more cost effective than purchasing high quality, long lasting pro cosmetics
  • Makeup done professionally can finish the look of a wedding outfit

I know nothing about makeup or what look I want. When we first meet, I will ask you about your wedding or special event from decorations, location, formality, wedding colors, your dress or outfit for the occasion. We’ll talk about everything from skin concerns (acne, redness, oily skin, wrinkles) to favorite colors. I can help with color choices and selections. An open mind and willingness to try something different is nice, but I want to make sure that you feel like yourself. I’ll try to get a sense of your personal style and preferences based on your lifestyle and what you normally wear. Plus, it’s only makeup. If something doesn’t workout, we can always try something different. For brides, I require a trial.

Can I bring in a picture from a magazine or Pinterest? Absolutely. The only thing is that with some pictures, it is difficult to see the details of the makeup up close. Please bring a clear shot that allows me see the eyes and other features up close.

Do you do ethnic skin? Yes. My kit has a wide range of universal shades. My training emphasized how to pick colors for all types of skin tones. My kit has pro foundation in palettes that help me easily mix shades if needed to match your skin.

What happens during a makeup trial? Most people do a bridal makeup trial at least a month before the wedding date. A trial helps you try on different looks and choose the one that you love. On the big day, you can be relaxed knowing exactly what to expect. A trial also helps you make your decision. I recommend coming to the trial with a white shirt (or color of your wedding dress) with your hair styled somewhat similar. Hair doesn’t have to be professional done but put it halfway up or up to mimic your wedding day hair. A veil maybe helpful but not necessary. A trial isn’t binding and does not hold your wedding date. $50 will be charged for the trial. If  you decide to go forward, your wedding date will be held once a contract is signed with a non-refundable deposit. And $50 will be credited to your total.

Do you work with groups? I can do up to 6 people alone, given that I have enough time. If you have a much larger group or the time frame isn’t adequate, I will need to bring an assistant for an additional charge.

How far in advance should I book? I will take appointments on an availability basis. I recommend booking in advance during wedding, prom season, and holidays. Most brides book their session once they have a clear idea of your theme, style, and vision. 1 month prior to wedding date is recommended at and 3 months prior during peak wedding season.

Makeup on the groom and men? Grooms, why let the brides have all the fun? Men too have concerns with redness, acne, uneven skin, scars, oily skin, and thin eyebrows. I can also apply makeup on the groom to ensure that he looks flawless, natural, and masculine. No one will see makeup but great skin and features.

What kind of makeup brands do you use? My kit has professional products that most of you may or may not have heard of and some excellent consumer brands. The products used are: RCMA, Temptu, Kryolan Professional, Urban Decay, Ben Nye, Smashbox, MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills among many others. These products have been recommended as excellent for photography with a good reputation among my industry peers.

I have sensitive skin and concerned about allergies. If you have sensitive skin or had a reaction to any particular brand or product, please let me know so that I can find a product suitable for you. In a nutshell, my foundation is fragrance-free and made up of wax, oil, and pigment. I’ll be more than happy to share specific brands, ingredient list of individual products and we can do an allergy test, so that you can make a decision.

Can I get pampered with spa treatments before makeup application? If you are planning to get a facial or any other skin treatment, (whether you had a past allergic reaction or not) please have it done at least 48 hours before the event or as directed by your esthetician. Skin tends to be sensitive right after spa treatment, especially facial extractions. If in doubt, please consult your esthetician or dermatologist. Also, I recommend not trying new products during the week of your wedding date. I can tell you a story of a bride waking up to  puffy eyes on her wedding day after trying a new eye cream.